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Mon 9 Feb 2015, 11:57 AM
In any language, fidelity matters, especially when the loss of fidelity includes the loss of important information. Even if you don't read German, you can see that the section titles are lost and large amounts of space left in their places with standard Traveler. Note, this is a different issue than the loss of section titles with the Notes client rendering which are totally lost. In this case, they simply don't appear because the text is white on a dark background and the section background is lost, though the effect is similar to the reader.

What may not be obvious to those who don't read German is that this is the announcement of a merger, and the names of the companies in the merger are only included in the headlines... which are not visible to the recipient without CoexLinks Fidelity.  The simple message is, fidelity matters in every language, and CoexLinks Fidelity can make it happen for you. Request an evaluation license and see for yourself.

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