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Thu 24 Apr 2014, 09:34 AM
I saw this journal entry on deviantArt today. I didn't respond there, but I thought it was worth saying something here.

I quit studying IT because it is hard and also boring. -deviantArt journal

Personally, I have had a lot of fun being creative with software and programming. I wish the gentleman well, though I have to say that he may well discover that anything worth doing takes hard work, even photography. Hobbies are fun, but when you try to make them your profession, you have to put in a huge amount of time and effort (the proverbial 10,000 hours), some of which is - dare I say it - boring. The truth is, if you want to do something and do it well, the hard boring work is worth it. Not just for the pay, though that becomes mighty important at times, but for the satisfaction and creativity and joy from doing a job well. I know lots of photographers, some professional and some semi-professional, and I think they would laugh hardily at the idea of photography as a profession that doesn't take hard work and is never boring.

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Tue 15 Apr 2014, 12:20 PM
Or rather, I am. And they are not all the same, but rather all are different, and in many different ways.

After a long, long hiatus while Midas LSX 5 was finished and released and CoexLinks Fidelity 3.5 was finished and released, I am back to working on SharePoint. It is an adventure (see what I did there?), but after installing piece after piece, I have the SharePoint Online Management Shell working and connected. Next on the agenda is trying out creating a new site through the shell, followed by batch creation of a new site using Import-CSV followed by... dinner, I hope.

At least, the detailed information about my sites helps. (Leonard, hold up your Sarcasm sign) This seems the equivalent of  Rubbing the electric lamp is not particularly rewarding.

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Wed 9 Apr 2014, 05:47 PM
Sometimes, even small data can be useful. Once in a while, I go to Youtube and look at the statistics, because it helps me to understand what people like and how well I am keeping their interest. The following three shots are my most popular Gimp tutorial followed by my most recent Gimp tutorial followed by my channel intro video. As you can see at a glance, the first two are pretty good, but I need to work on that Channel intro.

Most popular Gimp tutorial
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Most recent Gimp tutorial
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Channel Intro
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Tue 8 Apr 2014, 08:18 AM
A few days ago, we announced the release of CoexLinks Fidelity 3.5. Along with high quality MIME rendering for IBM Notes, CoexLinks has a new feature called the Message Store. The Message Store is designed for companies who have mixed environments including Notes/Domino applications, possibly Notes/Domino mail users, along with other users with Microsoft Outlook, GMail or other email systems. While most emails can be converted cleanly and with high fidelity into MIME, some Notes features require or are superior in the Notes client. The example I show here is Notes buttons or action hotspots, but the Message Store also stores encrypted emails and can optionally store messages with OLE objects or structures that render differently outside of Notes such as layout regions, tabbed tables and so forth.
All of the usual CoexLinks functionality is still there, including customizable doclinks allowing migration of selective apps, at the same price but now with even more cow bell.
Best viewed in HD. Closed captions available for following in English or improved auto-translation.
To try out the new CoexLinks Fidelity including the Message Store, fill out an evaluation request or contact us for more information at

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Thu 3 Apr 2014, 07:22 PM
Back in October, I announced that we were changing the name of the Midas Rich Text LSX to the Midas LSX after 16 years. Today, I announced that we were changing the name of CoexLinks to Coexlinks Fidelity after 11 years. Which brings up the obvious question, what will we call CoexEdit when we announce a new major release in a week or so?
I'm thinking Bruce. Not for any practical purpose, only philosophical ones. Just to keep it clear.

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Thu 3 Apr 2014, 04:01 PM
Today, we released a new version of CoexLinks called Coexlinks Fidelity. While it is technically CoexLinks 3.5 for internal reasons, it is the biggest addition of functionality for CoexLinks in years. The core CoexLinks functionality of converting doclinks to usable links in Outlook, Google Mail or other web mail is still in place, and more flexible and powerful than ever. But now, there are two additional areas of functionality added to enhance the power and value of CoexLinks:

Email Fidelity
As the name CoexLinks Fidelity suggests, a large focus of the new version is email fidelity - making sure the email arrives at its destination looking the way it left the sender. Whether the destination is Outlook, Outlook Webmail, Gmail or another email system, high quality HTML and CSS can now be counted on almost anywhere to present an appearance like the Notes rich text appearance. CoexLinks Fidelity takes on the task of converting the email from Notes rich text to MIME, and doing it with far better fidelity and more adherence to modern standards than the Domino SMTP task even in Domino 9.0.1. Where Domino constructs don't quite match up to HTML/MIME displays, CoexLinks Fidelity uses an intelligent, coherent approach to converting what it can to maximize clarity and professional appearance.

Message Store
While most email can be rendered to a MIME/HTML standard, some Notes functionality doesn't translate and some Notes security is unsupportable outside the Notes/Domino environment. For those cases, CoexLinks Fidelity offers a Message Store database. When an email is identified as having potential security or functionality issues outside Notes, a copy is secured in the Message Store database, controlled by document level reader access so that only designated recipients can open it. This includes encrypted mail, but also a configurable set of Notes constructs such as buttons, tabbed tables, etc. Then, the original email is sent on with a custom disclaimer and link back to the Message Store document. This way, the recipient in Outlook or Gmail or whatever can follow the link back they way they do other doclinks managed by CoexLinks, and open the email in a Notes client where it can be read and acted on.

More details and videos will be available shortly. Existing CoexLinks customers on maintenance may upgrade to CoexLinks Fidelity at no additional cost, or if they are already on CoexLinks Version 3.0 may use their existing license files.

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