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Tue 13 Mar 2007, 11:51 PM
If you have or have used CoexLinks, either for your own company or another, I'd like to ask a small favor.  Could you visit the Migration software for Exchange which lists CoexLinks as about the third item, and add your rating, and possibly a comment if you have something you would like to say?  We don't do much advertising at all, but people do see these sorts of pages, and it would be nice if they saw more than three votes cast for CoexLinks (although the average rating of 3.67 isn't too bad).  Thanks in advance!

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Tue 13 Mar 2007, 11:22 AM
I am considering whether to start a beta of some of our OpenSesame utilities for ODF that would coincide with the public beta for Notes 8.  This would allow people to try out tighter integration with the productivity editors (now renamed to Lotus Documents, Lotus Presentations and Lotus Spreadsheets, by the way) right from the start, but I don't know whether the mix of two betas would be annoying or helpful.  Obviously, it would be helpful to us, as it would allow release of at least some of the utilities along with Notes 8, but would it be helpful to developers/users who wanted to have a full picture of what they could accomplish with Notes 8?

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