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Thu 13 Jan 2005, 08:45 PM
Just this once, I want to address this message specifically to a subset of the readers of this blog... those who make and sell applications and solutions, whether custom (that's "bespoke" for those British amongst us) or commercial.  The rest of you are free to read along, but this isn't really aimed at you.

Dear Notes/Domino Product Vendors, ISVs, Application Designers and Resellers,

I am not comfortable spamming people with e-mail messages about our products, even though a number of companies do just that in this pressured pre-Lotusphere season, but I wanted to invite those who come here of their own accord to consider ways in which our products could enhance your solutions.  To paraphrase BASF's famous marketing slogan:

We don't make many of the Notes/Domino applications you buy.
  We make many of the Notes/Domino applications you buy better.
That's right, it isn't just developers adding cool whiz bang dynamic tables who buy our products.  It is also vendors like you, including those in over ten countries around the world, who design, build, enhance, resell and support:

  • content management systems which utilize our ability to generate high quality HTML/XHTML;
  • solutions for the legal industry which require our rich text comparison and red-lining;
  • knowledge management engines which use our products for data mining;
  • CRM applications with approvals which use our ability to make doclinks accessible to non-Notes mail users;
  • e-learning courses that need to be converted from Notes based databases to HTML based tutorials on demand;
  • mail merge subsystems for all sorts of applications that use our ability to create and send HTML and MIME e-mails;
  • migration tools to help customers moving away from Notes/Domino;
  • other migration tools to help customers moving into Notes/Domino and away from other e-mail systems; and
  • applications of every type and description who just want to be better than the competition.
Some of you may recognize yourselves in these bullet points, because some of you already take advantage of our products.  If you don't, maybe your competition does.  If they don't, maybe you could gain an edge over them.

If you want to find out how you might be able to take advantage of our products to make your solutions, applications and systems better, and if you just happen to be going to Lotusphere in a week or so (or in Dortmund, Germany a month later), why not set up a meeting and have us show you how we can help you gain that edge?  I am available during the whole Lotusphere week at your convenience, but I already have a few meetings set up, so don't wait too long.  Besides our versatile Midas Rich Text family of products, we could talk about using our CoexLinks product for mixed IBM/Microsoft application support, or we could discuss our newest  Notes/web coexistence plug-in, CoexEdit?

If you would like to set up a meeting, give me a call or drop me a line.  No hard sell, as we just don't do that, and the "meetings" can be anything from high level strategic discussions to quick and dirty hands on demonstrations, depending on what you need.  I know there isn't a lot of time available, but I think this just may be time worth spending.  It is entirely up to you.


      Ben Langhinrichs
      Genii Software
      +1 216-991-5220

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Thu 13 Jan 2005, 12:03 PM
Wow!  I haven't broken this out to unique IP's yet, so I don't know how many people this represents yet.  Duffbert indicates he downloaded at least twice
Well, today I finally got around to selecting my sessions for Lotusphere.  I downloaded Ben's 2005 LS Sessions DB to get started.  Actually, I downloaded it twice because he came out with version 2a mere minutes after I downloaded 2.  :-)
Still, that is a lot of downloads, given that IBM hasn't put it on the official page yet.  I'll have to ping Ed.  I hope this means it is useful to people.  I will blog later today about some of the demos and offshoots that are appearing based on the session db.  I may also show off the new Lotusphere Sessions On-Line design soon.

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